Job Options for Photography Enthusiasts

I have always been interested in photography. I have been thinking about what are the easiest ways to get started. For example if you are a real estate photographer you are not going to need a studio and you are not going to need a lot of the stuff that goes into the studio, all of which is very expensive. You will need a good 35mm camera, probably a nice Digital SLR would be okay. Then you would have to have a few accessories, but nothing much past what the amateur would have in his camera bag.Of all the job options for the field of photography that would seem to be the best way to get your foot in the door. The only requirements are a good camera and a car to get you to where you take the pictures. I have both of those things. The real question is who do you get to give you jobs, you would probably have to get out the phone book and start chatting up all of the real estate agents in it. Obviously you would probably need a web page with your work on it to impress them

My Dad had a dark room in the attic and he was quite good at it, although he did not have the fancy equipment that you need if you are going to be a professional. All of the stuff he had was second hand stuff and I am guessing that I can get a pretty good kit by looking around on eBay and other sites. The people who are really into this can not settle for a really good camera if something better can be obtained. If I was going to do a lot of types of photography I would need a really good set of gear.

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