I Wonder if I Can Afford This

I got to looking around for investment opportunities the other day and I was focusing on something which would not be dull and boring. I have a mutual fund of course and it is boring. I am starting to wind down the business life it seems. I am thinking that it is a good time to cash in my chips, because the business is not going to get a lot more valuable in my lifetime. I was checking out an estate agent called CBS in Tenerife and I really like the idea of buying some property down in a sunny paradise. Of course this would not be full retirement, but it would be going into business doing the sort of things that you would do while you are retired, for me that would be golf and fishing. They have a lot of that on that island. I am thinking about investing in some vacation properties down there and perhaps buying a boat for charter fishing too. I wonder if I can afford this though, at least to do it in a big way. Obviously I could pay a little and get a little piece of a golf course, but I am not sure that would sate my ego. I have always liked to be in charge of things, as far back as junior high school when I was captain of the chess team. That was a big deal to me and ever since then I have always wanted to be the one who called the shots. It is not a full time job that I am looking to get involved in though. I figure that I can easily hire a competent person to manage the operation and I can just be a good figurehead. I am not sure how much a boat would cost.

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